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Tailor-made advisory services at competitive terms

Our Proposal A win-win philosophy applied to customer relationship

ACCESS strongly believes financial consulting can be made more flexible, more useful and to the point for the customers challenges.


For each situation, ACCESS identifies the most relevant solution to help you design and implement your strategy, whether it is Financing, Selling your business, Merging /Acquiring businesses, Selling/ Acquiring assets, Restructuring your Company or Improving the its position on the market.

ACCESS designs with you a totally personalized approach where the expertise type and degree of the contributors, as well as the consultants experience level match exactly your needs and budget.

The presence of specialists and the use of proven methodologies, save time and allow you to go straight to the point.

Contact Point 


Strategy Consulting
Financing Solutions


Business Consulting
Valuation Advisory


- Sorina Donisa, CEO APT Group
“Sell-side advisory was assured by ACCESS, who assisted us in the company preparation for sale and during all stages of the transaction. Their expertise, professional approach and dedication was crucial for the successful sale of our company”  
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